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Grass -- Ron Mann's documentary successfully summarizes the history of US marijuana prohibition while sidestepping conspiracy theories. Funny, startling, and inspiring, Grass weaves together file footage, government propaganda, narration by Woody Harrelson, and snappy artwork by Paul Mavrides. A must-see.
The Emperor Wears No Clothes -- Jack Herer's informative and lushly-illustrated book is the bible of hemp activism. Herer traces the history of the cannabis plant, from ancient times through modern prohibition, and he arrives at the conclusion that hemp is the most valuable plant ever known to mankind. A must-read for activists.
The Marijuana-Logues -- The hilarious three-man Off-Broadway comedy hit is newly available on CD. Order your copy today and find out for yourself why Marijuana-Logues is the toast of New York.
Hemp Travel Organizer -- Stay organized and stick with the ultimate fiber on the go. Don't settle for less than the strength of hemp fabric when you are traveling. This handy organizer will support the hemp cause and keep you together so you spend your time enjoying vacation, not looking for your shampoo.